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Other Business Services

Having the privilege of working inside my clients businesses gives me a great insight into what works and what doesn't when it comes to technology implementation. It needs to be simple, cheap and easy to work with.

I can provide advice, direction and setup of technologies into your trade business.


You can use simple procedures to make your estimating quicker and more accurate. I have worked with estimators and business owners with all levels of computer experience.


Most tradespeople are excellent at their trade discipline, but struggle with software or hardware. I have helped implement simple estimating procedures that have helped my clients estimate quickly and accurately.

Website Design & Search Engine Optimization

I can provide you with realistic expectations of a website and explain the myths around SEO and websites.

I believe websites should be easily found, to the point and CHEAP!!

I can help with all your business registration needs using google, google maps, yelp, apple maps, yellow pages etc.

Most registrations that make your business visible on the internet and smartphones are free. You just need to know how.

Email, Domain and Hosting

A range of easy email services are now available to integrate into your website name. or isn't very professional. Let me help you make a memorable web and email name for your business that can be found along all search engines and smartphone map apps.

Invoicing, Bookeeping, Time Tracking, Job Tracking

There is so many great products available to help with easy invoicing and time tracking. I help my clients find a simple solution that works for them.

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